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You seek the solitude of nature

For you, daydreams of the wilderness shoo away all the clamor and the clutter.

Your focus draws to the small wonders that are often overlooked, and you are pulled to trails unexplored.

We are your tribe.

We understand
the power and allure of an inky black forest and we know that your home is your private escape, your sanctuary.

We arise each day
to handcraft you galaxies of stars, secret trails into hushed forests, and a cast of enchanting characters to wash away reality.

So, Go Forth into the city and spy with your little eye miniature forests creeping up through sidewalk cracks. And we’ll continue to craft irresistible silhouettes that will infuse your home with woodland charm and tranquility.

Take a wander to see our best sellers, they’re shipping all over the country, to big cities and tiny cabins tucked away in the woods.
Specially created for the forest seekers and the wilderness wanderers.