New Collection drops April 2021

Your home is your private escape, your sanctuary.

Squirrel Tacos creates art that sparks wondrous adventures in your mind and soul.

So that you can make your home a reflection of your imagination and style.

Greeting Cards and Card Sets are now available online!
grab a stamp and send some love out into the world!

Stuck on what to write? 
*Tell a story about something you found recently, or a new sight you saw on a walk. 
*Send a ‘mad libs’ letter, or start a story and ask your recipient to write the next paragraph. 
*Make a list of what you love and admire in your friend
*Remember when? remind them of a time you shared together and how it changed something about your life.
*Plan a trip together or make a list of all the things you would like to see together. Imagine details about the trip and what might happen along the way.
*Thank them for something they taught you or you appreciate about them.

got some letter writing ideas? send them to me and I’ll add them.