your home can be your sanctuary and have the decor of a woodland cabin escape.

it is our mission to make magical forests come alive for you

We are thrilled that everyone who welcomes our paper cuts into their home, knows they are getting meticulously handcrafted art worthy of the most thoughtful collector. Each day I create worlds of woodland creatures and cozy forests fit for any cabin decor.

-Casey Lynch

Before I created Squirrel Tacos, I was drifting without joy or direction. I wanted to abandon my life and go back to living in Montana.

Then one day…

I saw my first paper cut. And I knew. I had not only landed on my path but I had discovered a way to bring the magic of the forest into my city life.

I was concerned that uprooting my entire life at 35 wasn’t necessarily ‘practical’ or even possible.

But I knew…

I had no other choice. I was obsessed with learning papercutting and couldn’t balance that with the joyless life I was living.

I decided to set out to create the most charming woodland paper cuts for the most curious adventurers in the city.

It turns out

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

I was suddenly divorced, penniless, and without any idea how a person rebuilds a life without mirroring the old one.

I moved to another state…

hustled as a lab tech, copy writer, and wedding designer in order to fund Squirrel Tacos and worked 7 days a week for four years.

I was so sure no one would “get it”, that I wouldn’t find a single person who needed to make their home a woodland escape from the city.

The best part?

We released our first products and the response has been pure love. Love that flows through me every single day, when I’m cutting starry galaxies, drawing inky black forests, and making shadows dance.

Thank you.   I’m so glad you’re here.