Are you a Secret Squirrel?

You are the reason for it all.
Without you there would be no Squirrel Tacos.

And we know signing up for email lists can feel like opening a window to an avalanche of spam.

But we would never do that to you, because we like you.
(and we aren’t creeps)

So when you sign up for the weekly newsletter from Squirrel Tacos, you aren’t just getting show schedules and the standard email fare.
You’ll be receiving invitations to first looks, private sales, and big announcements.
You’re going to be part of the most important aspect of Squirrel Tacos. And you know what happens when you place an order?
I add all sorts of presents to your package.

Because we LOVE mail. The good kind, the envelopes filled with goodies and letters and that’s the kind we want to share with you.

Greeting cards, stickers, temporary tattoos, or whatever new thing we’re cooking up over here.¬† Because we know giving your email is not a small thing.