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The Sea Witch’s Ball


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The Sea Witch's Ball

It had been a dream of hosting a party for ages. Most believed she simply wanted to show off the tentacles that started growing through her hair. The tentacles were a bit of a mystery, even she didn’t know how they came to be. But she adored them, the way they whispered in her ear that she was right during every disagreement, the way they finished her meal when chef cooked another dismal casserole, and even when they somehow captured a ship while she lay dreaming.
The tentacles were simply the best luck she ever had, and they surely attracted the new suitor at her side.
If she could manage to resist the tentacles whispers about devouring guests the evening should be a success. 
Hand cut paper, 8×10 fitted in a glass front shadowbox frame that can display on a shelf or hang on a walll


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