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Starry Deer, glorious antlers and a star lit sky

This starry Deer is hand cut and mounted on a piece of shimmery gold vellum, allowing light to come through for a glowing effect.

The acorn series is a collection of miniature hand cut silhouettes. Each piece is framed  in a double glass frame with an array of translucent color backgrounds. 

Designed with small spaces such as windows, office cubes, cottages, apartments, dorm rooms, and overflowing art collections in mind. This collection comes with approachable pricing ideal for gifting and every day shopping.

These pieces can stand alone or be ordered as a collection.

Acorn Frame Details




The frames are 2 hinged glass panes with a narrow antiqued copper edging, they close with a slide lock. 
they hang with a rose gold butchers twine. 


These frames can hang from a lightweight hook on your wall or window. Hanging fixtures can be found here
We do not advise hanging these from suction cup hanging devices and recommend testing all hooks before using with glass frames of any kind. 


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