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Cottage on the Bike Path


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A Cottage for Your Castle

The Cottage Series doubles as beautiful daytime decor and warmly glowing evening lighting. Each cottage includes a battery operated candle, working hinge doors and windows, as well as tiny details for every style. 
You can add a personalized sign to make your cottage match every season or your personality. click here for sign customization.
Ideal for gifting and keeping, your cottage arrives built and includes a battery operated candle. The entire piece lifts so you can power the candle as wanted. For DIY Build Your Own cottage kits, click here

The Bike Path Cottage Measures 7″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″, it includes a tall standing bird house, a bicycle with basket and nearby evergreen. The front Barn door, and garage open, as well as round side windows with working hinges.


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