Crow, bird art, layered and handcut rustic decor


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Crow! a symbol of life magic and mystery

A majestic crow with black, orange, and grey layers. Handcut in a way that is inspired by folk papercutting, this crow is as special as it is rare.
Only 2 available, ideal for collectors of bird art, folk art, and people who lean a little towards darkness.

Important Notes:
These layered Birds from the Nested and Nurtured collection will soon be available in 8×10″.

Due to the labor intensive process of cutting 2-3 layered and inserting spacers between each layer, the 8×10″ size will be replacing the 5×7″.

The limited quantities of 5×7″ will not be refilled or replaced once sold out.


  • Handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Barn wood frames may have natural and man made knots, burls, and small nail holes due to their previous life as a barn.
  • 5×7″ and 8×10″ frames can be hung or shelf displayed
  • Supplies handpicked from the highest quality sources
  • Thoughtfully designed to bring the wilderness to your home
  • Packaged carefully in tissue with a gift ribbon
  • Thank you gift included with ever order

Squirrel Tacos is on a mission to create high quality hand-cut silhouettes that transform your home into your personal sanctuary, your escape from the noise, your cozy, charming, cabin.
Let us add the majesty of the forest to your life.

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5×7", 8×10"


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