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Crow or No? – 5×7″

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Crow or Raven? 5x7" papercut

Crow or No?
Titled for the Corvid Research game of the same name, this piece is a good example of how to differentiate crows and ravens.
Ravens are larger.
Crows have tail feathers that are more even.
Raven beaks are more curved that crow’s are.
They’re tricksters those crows and ravens. Playing games, bringing presents to those that feed them and constantly being tricky for bird watchers to ID.
Hand cut and framed in a 5×7″ shadowbox frame.
ready to hang.

1 review for Crow or No? – 5×7″

  1. Jenifer H.

    I loved this so much – I got it as a gift for a friend and I almost kept it for myself. In person it was so special and the recipient loved it and placed it prominently in his living room.

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