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DIY Insect Kit Liza / Edith Garden paper cut set with frame


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Make your own insect wall art

Tiny little pollinators adorning your home or being given as gifts.

This kit includes 2 designs that fit perfectly in the included white frame, the first is Liza,  and the second is Edith.

Both designs feature a regal winged creature with gorgeous contrasting colors. You can frame either design or both if you choose to add the additional frame pack (found here). 

Liza Art Measures: 1.25″ x 2″
Edith  Art Measures: 1.75″ 2″
Frame Measures: 4″ x 5″

This Kit Incudes:

  • Patterns for 2 insects

  • additional outlines of these insects if you wish to add your own unique interior patterns

  • Assorted papers

  • instructions for paper cutting

  • craft knife and blade

  • 5 additional blades

  • 6″x 8″ cutting mat

  • White oval frame

  • backing board, backing paper, and hanger (all pre assembled and attached to frame)

  • foam mounting pads for bug mounting.

  • toothpick for applying tiny dabs of glue

You will need : scotch tape, double sided tape or glue for mounting.


Important Notes: 

1. The photos of finished insects are for example purposes only, you will not receive a completed bug. If you wish to purchase the finished version, click here

2. This Kit and all other Kits are for personal use and gifting only. The Kits and Finished pieces cannot be sold or duplicated, there is no commercial license available and all insect designs are owned by Squirrel Tacos exclusively.

Paper cutting does use sharp implements. I have only cut myself once in 12 years of paper cutting full time because I was careless and rushing. Please use tools carefully and slowly.


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