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DIY Kit Monster Box


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DIY MOnster Box

The Monster Box is made from 11 interlocking pieces of laser cut and engraved wood. The face has interlocking teeth and a sweet little underbite.

Finished measurements : 5″x 4″ 7″
This kit includes:

  • 11 cut wood piecesĀ 

  • paint

  • brushes

  • paint mixing palette

  • build instructions

  • battery operated candle

  • an engraved wood sample for you to use for practice and experimenting

you will need : a glue that dries clear. (elmers white glue is fine)

If you’d prefer your Monster box already built and painted, you can purchase them here.

A note about painting wood: wood will pull paint along it’s grain lines causing the paint to bleed. this is great for blending and adding a little chaotic surprise. Also each piece can be painted it’s own color, let it dry completely, then glue together.


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