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Monthly Goal Tracker

I’m making planners!
and the first step was to replicate this goal tracker I found online. It was so blurry and hard to read, and I couldn’t find the original creator, so I made my own.
My sister and I picked some goals and needed a way to keep track, in a visible spot (hanging on the fridge) so we could be reminded each day of how much progress we’ve made because that’s the system that motivates us best.

Pick a goal; taking daily walks, reading more books, drinking less soda, seeing more sunrises or sunsets… anything that would make each day a bit more wonderful. 
Or maybe you want to develop one new habit every month?
whatever your plan, on the days that you meet your goal, color in that section. 
Happy New Year! This is a free download, need help? email me casey@squirreltacos.com


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