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Greeting Card – 4 Color Choices – Animal Series RACCOON


Item quantity each
Silhouette Cards 3 for $18 3 $6.00
Silhouette Cards 3 for $18

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Original Silhouette Cut cards with matching closure envelopes.
Each notecard (available in blue, green, red, or white) has an animal silhouette cut away that matches the card theme.
The card itself if cut from black archival paper, folded and sealed to form a sleeve for the notecard.
The envelope is folded and sealed at the flaps. The main closure is held closed by folding the “wings” of an evergreen tree together and sliding them through the narrow slot.
One greeting card 4″x4″
One notecard
One envelope
Colors – blue, green, red, white
Due to the delicate non-adhesive nature of the envelope closure, these cards should be placed in a larger package or envelope when/if mailing. 

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Blue, Green, white, Red


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