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Hymnals – hand cut lightbox – 5×7″



Hymnals, stained glass made of paper and light

Hand cut from archival black paper this silhouette is accented with rich hues of translucent paper.
This piece displays accents of rose, grassy green, and golden yellow accents. 
Whether lit or not this piece has beautiful color and stage presence. The lighting is provided by fairy lights that are installed within the frame, the battery and power pack is affixed to the back of the frame for easy access.
What creates that rich color?
Mulberry Paper has exceptionally long fibers woven throughout, creating a texture and pockets of saturated colors and swaths of near translucence. The long fibers create a porous structure that allows the paper to absorb ink deeply and evenly, resulting in vibrant, rich colors and sharp, clear lines.


Measures : 5×7″, frame is approx 6×8″
Hang or Table top: Table Top display
Approx cutting time: 2 hours of cutting plus 2 hours for color addition and assembly.
Protection: glass front, product images are taken without glass to eliminate glare and highlight details.


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