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Night Owl hand cut wildlife paper silhouette with full moon


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Great Horned Owl surveying the night

A great horned owl hand cut from archival paper with a right full moon hanging in the shadows.
This piece is 2 handcut layers with translucent shades of blue. These color accents change dramatically with lighting and sun shifts. These photos were all taken within a 20 minute period while the sun came out for a peak around and then scooted right back under cloud cover. 

Bird Art Frame Details:

  • glass front and back allows light through
  • 8×10″ measurements
  • top slide latch
  • Antiqued metal finish 
  • chain and velvet hanging system
  • hardware hanging accessories can be found here

Made to inspire daydreams, remind us of those watchful eyes, and the wonder of all that is unseen. This piece instantly creates a mood in any room.
A mood of mystery and magic.


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