Peter and the Wolf – Folk Lore Woodland Art


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outfit your home with woodland nostalgia

Peter + The Wolf , a folk lore classic

This story is full of characters creating their own bad and good luck, the duck lives on but inside the belly of the wolf, the wolf survives but as a parade captive of Peter’s. And his grandfather continues to ponder about Peter’s luck and how all the opposing outcomes of bad luck.
Is there luck at all? or just good and bad outcomes of taking risks and chances?

Handcut paper, 8×10″, barnwood shadowbox frame


  • Handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Supplies handpicked from the highest quality sources
  • Thoughtfully designed to bring the wilderness to your home
  • Packaged carefully in tissue with a gift ribbon
  • Thank you gift included with ever order

Squirrel Tacos is on a mission to create high quality hand-cut silhouettes that transform your home into your personal sanctuary, your escape from the noise. Let us add the majesty of the forest to your life.

“Friends bought me one of your pieces for a gift. It has become the focal point of the room. Everyone that sees it, loves it. Each seeing something different as the shadows move across the backdrop. Simply Beautiful.”
             –Matt W.
            Philadlephia, PA

It arrived & it’s so wonderful. We couldn’t believe how quickly you made and shipped it, too! And your packaging is perfect. Thanks so much, Casey!
        Colleen & John
          West Berlin, NJ

These shadowboxes are amazing & beautiful & wonderful! You gave my bear an aurora & the peonies are so pretty! More exclamation points!!!!!

You’re the best! We will be making all of our facebook friends jealous very soon!
    –Tony S.
        Seattle, WA

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