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Phosphorescence – hand cut circular frame – 8″



Hand cut from archival black paper this silhouette is accented with 3 rich hues of green mulberry paper.

Framed in a side latch frame that is glass fronted and backed. This 8″ frame hangs from a chain that adds an additional 5″ of height.

What creates that rich color?
Mulberry Paper has exceptionally long fibers woven throughout, creating a texture and pockets of saturated colors and swaths of near translucence. The long fibers create a porous structure that allows the paper to absorb ink deeply and evenly, resulting in vibrant, rich colors and sharp, clear lines.

Please note: this piece is single sided for display, in order to allow maximum light to shine through the backside is not the same as the front side. 


Measures : 8″ round, 13.5″ with chain
Hang or Table top: Hang
Approx cutting time: 2-3 full days of cutting and adding color detail, please allow 2 weeks shipping window.
Protection: UV spray to create and archival protection against sun fading.


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