Print – June Strawberry Moon – 11×14


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Print - Strawberry Moon - 11x14"

The June Strawberry Moon, a black moon cradled by a strawberry colored crown.
Aside the moon are two glowing suns, with endless rays of daylight. The main panel is a bursting garden bringing the earths bounty in full view. A butterfly stops for a visit and rest before a long migration.
This is a print of the original papercut. It measures 11×14″

Full Moon names have been used by many cultures to describe the full moon throughout the year. Specifically, Native American tribes used moon phases and cycles to keep track of the seasons by giving a distinctive name to each recurring full moon, including the Flower Moon. The unique full moon names were used to identify the entire month during which each occurred.
Although many Native American tribes gave distinct names to the full moon, the most well known full moon names come from the Algonquin tribes who lived in the area of New England and westward to Lake Superior. The Algonquin tribes had perhaps the greatest effect on the early European settlers in America, and the settlers adopted the Native American habit of naming the full moons.


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