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Suncatcher Mushrooms


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Mushrooms growing in the sunlight

despite what you know about mushrooms, these mushies are growing happily in sunlight.
Available in 2 color options:

Wild Floral : a tightly packed bouquet featuring a wide assortment of color and tone

Mosaic Sun : reds, oranges, yellows in a mosaic sunrise pattern


This piece is hand painted black, making the accent color the star of the show. Each piece is hand made and will vary from the photos in this listing, the color patterns and variations will make each unique.

Measuring 3.5×4″” this¬† piece hangs from a piece of ribbon or hemp. It is extremely lightweight and can easily be hung on a wall or window.

Each suncatcher is lightly sprayed with a UV protectant equivalent to a 7000 UV protective sunscreen. This spray will not yellow and easily adds 2-5 years to the life of the suncatchers.

If you would like to change the background color of your piece, please add a note to your order. Due to the way the transparent swatches are made, specific pattern direction and placement cannot be requested.

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Mosaic Sun, Wild Floral


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