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The Secret Meeting – woodland wall decor

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A woodland fairy tale...

You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you all to this meeting…
Mr. Fox was nervous but he HAD to explain.

“As you know it is my job to send the annual invitation. It’s just… that I sent it weeks ago and… haven’t heard back with an RSVP…”

there was a gasp in the forest.
No reply?
how could that be?
what will happen?

“I used Mr Turtles Very Reliable, Totally Trustworthy, and Occasionally On Time delivery service and there’s been no sign of delivery or response.”

this was bad news. because everybody knew it was Mr Fox’s VERY IMPORTANT and prestigious job to invite Spring to the forest.
And now what?
Will Spring come anyway, without an invite???

This piece is hand cut, 8×10″, and very worried about Spring.


  • Handcrafted by the designer personally
  • Barn wood frames may have natural and man made knots, burls, and small nail holes due to their previous life as a barn.
  • 5×7″ and 8×10″ frames can be hung or shelf displayed
  • Supplies handpicked from the highest quality sources
  • Thoughtfully designed to bring the wilderness to your home
  • Packaged carefully in tissue with a gift ribbon
  • Thank you gift included with ever order

Squirrel Tacos is on a mission to create high quality hand-cut silhouettes that transform your home into your personal sanctuary, your escape from the noise, your cozy, charming, cabin.
Let us add the majesty of the forest to your life.

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2 reviews for The Secret Meeting – woodland wall decor

  1. Karen B.

    I bought this because it is SOOO me! I feed the birds, fox, deer, squirrels, visiting cats, and any other animal that wanders into my yard. Love it!

  2. john p.

    Stunning and gorgeous! The details are amazing and the 3-D effect seen through the shadows of the layered paper is beautiful. I especially love the whimsical interaction between the animals at their “secret meeting.” This piece makes me smile!

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