This House Gives Full Sized Candy halloween trick or treat silhouette



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Dogs in costume is the best part of Halloween

but also, the candy is awesome:)

This Halloween parade features Elroy, an astronaut pupper who couldn’t imagine leaving his goldfish, Lucky, at home.

Lucky, however, is wondering about the accuracy of his name and why he didn’t really think through this whole ‘leave the safety of the counter top’ excursion. It did sound like a thrilling adventure at the time…

Chance the Cat is really appreciating his name right now, because what are the chances of a goldfish just landing in your path? and people keep mistaking these bat wings as angel wings, so he’s really getting away with quite a bit of mischief tonight.

Binging up the tail is Jasper, who does agree that this T-Rex costume is simply adorable on him, though the arm length leaves a bit to be desired.  Plus this cat angel in front of him keeps stealing candy from his bag and he can’t do a thing about it!


8×10″ handcut from a single sheet of paper, with color accents in orange, green, and blue.


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