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Wood Ornament Spooky Cat DIY Kit


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Paint your own spooky kitty set

5 spooky kitty ornaments for you to paint and personalize. 

Each Kit includes:

  • 5 engraved ornaments 

  • 5 backing pieces

  • ribbon for hanging

  • set of acrylic paints

  • paint brushes

  • small palette for mixing colors

  • a sample piece to practice painting


You will need: scissors to cut hanging ribbon, basic white (dries clear) glue for attaching the backing pieces.


A makers note: wood has a natural tendency to pull paint along its grain making blending colors easy but keeping a sharp line between colors not so easy. play around with ideas on the sample piece to find your groove.

I find watering down paint allows the engraved faces to show best. 

Images showing painted ornaments are for example only. Your ornaments will arrive unpainted.

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