Think we’d be a good fit for one another? That’s great! email me with your shop info to snag a line sheet, or click on my Abound and Faire links below. 

Please note: I do not sell on amazon or to amazon sellers. 


By using these direct links you are helping me tremendously. I do not pay additional commissions to Faire or Abound when you use my direct links. 

Faire: Get $100 credit and 1 year free shipping with my link 
Faire Squirrel Tacos

Abound: Get $100 credit and 1 year of free shipping by using this link: 
Abound Squirrel Tacos

These are new-to-me sites I am test driving.

Tundra: use this link for 15% off all shops for your first 30 days:
Tundra Squirrel Tacos

Tundra is great if you want large quantities of something.
for example: 100 howling wolf greeting cards, etc. 

Trada: Made in US, new platform from Australia. Growing their US base. No current promos for buyers but makers pay 0% commission currently.
Trada Squirrel Tacos