Interested in Squirrel Tacos wholesale? 

You can place an order direct through email or buy through any of the sites below.

To order via email contact me at casey@squirreltacos.com to request a line sheet. 


Faire: Get $200 credit and 1 year free shipping with my link after 3/30/22 the credit drops from $200 to $100:
Faire Squirrel Tacos

Abound: Get $500 credit and 1 year of free shipping by using this link: 
Abound Squirrel Tacos

Expires 3/31

Juniper: coming soon

Tundra: use this link for 15% off all shops for your first 30 days:
Tundra Squirrel Tacos

Creoate: EU based, Get 10% off orders with this link:
Creoate Squirrel Tacos

Trada: Made in US, new platform from Australia. Growing their US base. No current promos for buyers but makers pay 0% commission currently.
Trada Squirrel Tacos